About Mindlink Consortium!

Mindlink Consortium has the necessary experience, competence and specialisation in the engineering consultancy, designs, turn-key installations and maintenance of high voltage transmission lines and associated sub-stations, as well as the supply, installation and maintenance of high voltage transformers.


To provide complete and qualitative services in Electrical Power projects, Civil Engineering and Sanitation projects consultancy and execution in Nigeria.


To provide the link between a brighter tomorrow in Nigeria and the infrastructures we build today.

Who we Are and What we do

We are a Consortium of globally renowned and reputable companies who have teamed up to provide reliable and qualitative services in the various specialised areas of the Nigerian economy. Each member is unique and outstanding in its own area of specialisation, but together we have the most versatile competence and specialisation in electricity generation, transmission and distribution projects, civil and building engineering projects, engineering consultancy, designs, installations and maintenance of high voltage transformers, high voltage transmission lines and sub-stations, installation and servicing of electricity meters, sanitation and waste management projects, just to mention a few.

How we do it

By establishing strong and strategic partnerships with the private and government institutions and agencies in Nigeria and Africa in general, we strive to empower the local population by building today's infrastructures for a brighter tomorrow. We deliver both on our promises and commitments, taking into account our client's interest and guaranteed satisfaction.


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