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Heisenberg Investimentos (Brazil)
Heisenberg was named after the physicist Werner Heisenberg and his famous Uncertainty Principle. The Uncertainty Principle has profound implications for the way we see the world. Quantum mechanics predicts various different possible outcomes for a single observation, each with its own probability.More

PLANNING INTERNATIONAL is a Brazilian engineering and business consulting firm, founded in 1990.
Its purpose is to integrate and to coordinate the development and the implementation of engineering and investment projects. More

SAET now operates in the Energy, Process, Handling and builds turnkey plants and systems, based on three basic systems skills: Systems Electrical Systems AT-MT-BT,Protection Systems, SCADA Systems Handling and Weighing Weighing Static and Dynamic , feeders, hopper feeder, conveyor belts and equipment for various bulk materials. Automation Systems Industrial Automation Systems based DCS / PLC system of supervision. More

Fourhydro Engineering (Brazil)
The Fourhydro Engineering is a company focused on developing engineering solutions for hydroelectric small power plants and substations in the areas of civil engineering, electrical and mechanical. Taking as an innovative form of differential treatment and management with clients. More


Sanitation, Energy Ltd (Brazil)
The Senergy is a qualified company that provide engineering services, management and coordination of projects with an emphasis on civil works, electromechanical assemblies, equipment supply, electrical and mechanical maintenance of power plants and substations, construction of sanitation (water and sewer) and resources water.More

Propower Energy Solution (Brazil)
The Propower Energy Solution was founded with the aim of contributing to the increase in energy supply in Brazil through the sale of Chinese electromechanical equipment for hydropower projects and meet the growing domestic market demand. The Energy Solution Propower is located in the city of Curitiba, an important center of studies and responsible for large hydro projects in Brazil..More

Integral Environment (Brazil)
The Environment Integral has properly registered and trained professionals to carry out Environmental Audit Compulsory aimed at obtaining the environmental permit from the responsible agencies. More

Binahlab is a software development company in Enugu State, Nigeria. Our expertise in customized business management software and portal development cannot be over emphasized.Our sole purpose is to help every business establishment grow in every capacity by providing them with customized business management software and Web Portal. More


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